About Us

Cherokee Porcelain Enamel Corporation was founded in 1946 and is a contract manufacturer of porcelain enamel on steel products. It should be understood that porcelain enamel is glass (not paint!) which is suspended in liquid and applied to steel, melted at high temperatures, and fused to the steel substrate. This affords an extremely durable finish that is unequalled in endurance for exterior applications. The normal finish of porcelain enamel is a lustrous gloss which is as beautiful as it is durable. Cherokee Porcelain manufactures custom products including, but not limited to, architectural exterior panels, graphic signage, appliance components, murals, burial vaults, thread and tufting guides, escalator cladding, etc. Some of Cherokee’s more well-known projects include signage at Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, identification signage at all Cracker Barrel restaurants, exterior cladding at White Castle Restaurants and subway signage for the New York City Transit, Chicago Transit Authority and Washington, DC WMATA.

Cherokee enjoys a very special niche in the porcelain industry. Since Cherokee has custom fabrication and enameling facilities, the customer is limited only by their imagination. Cherokee has the ability to offer an almost endless choice of color. Many other companies, similar in operation, are unable to offer as many choices. Graphic designers and architects are finding that porcelain enamel on steel gives them a wonderful opportunity for creativity. This is Cherokee’s strong point -our invitation to the customer to make their creative dreams come true. There are few manufacturers in the porcelain industry that can boast of this ability to truly fabricate a custom product.